Our Kennels

The kennels and runs are spacious, strong and thoughtfully constructed. The beds are made with freshly laundered luxurious bedding, rugs and tiled floors. An exceptional level of hygiene is maintained at all times.

We have outstanding exercise facilities. Each of our guests have at least two outings per day. They are walked on and off the lead (with owners permission) along the riverbank where water lovers have to opportunity to go for a swim. We also have large, secluded, grassed paddock where even the most wayward dogs can safely run off the lead and play.

In order to maintain your dogs exact feeding regime, we request you to bring your dogs regular diet which we will feed to them, following your instructions. We have a fridge and freezer for fresh food.

Gretchen's Grooming Parlour is on the premises which ensures your dog always goes home in an immaculate condition.

All out guests are lovingly cared for, we pride ourselves on the fact that we care for them as we do our own pets. Special compassionate care is given to elderly or difficult pets. They are closely monitored for any potential health problems and vets are promptly consulted when necessary.

Vaccinations including Kennel Cough must be up to date and a current vaccination card must be left with us during your pets stay.

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